About Reactivated

The Reactivated Inspiration:

At the young age of 14 years old, Jenny Brown was told by a sports specialist that “with those knees, you shouldn’t be in sports”. Turning the devastating news into a quest, Jenny discovered the power of step by step progression. In university, her journey became supported by movement education and motor development expertise that demonstrated regardless of the disability, humans have the potential to overcome adversity and experience their ultimate personal best.

Coach Jenny, B.PHED, Director

Known as “positive life force”, “task master”, and “innovator”,  Jenny will share her 20 years+ sports background, extensive knowledge, “outside the box” training methods and her personal “comeback” from countless injuries to inspire athletes and wellness clientele to be Reactivated!

Professional Background: Degree in Physical Education, Certified National Level 3 Cycling Coach

We offer coaches, trainers and mentors.
Left to right; Mentors, Joeseph Cunningham, Lucy DeFazio, Albino DiSanto and Certified Personal trainer, aerobics, Zumba and Group Power instructor,
Angela Barney. Angela brings knowledge, experience and motivation to each session.