Step by step progression

"First race in 24 years it was an awesome experience. It was a extremely cognitively taxing accomplishment as with a head injury I process information slower than the average person. On that note there were some sections that I had to slow down a little bit because it was too taxing on a cognitive level [...]

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Off-the-bike experiences in Italy!

We would be totally amiss if we didn't talk a bit about where we stayed and what we did when we weren't cycling. All of it contributed to a great experience on and off the bike! We were transported back in time - to the Grande Hotel Riolo Terme in Rilo Terme - a beautiful [...]

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Bucket list recon rides

Recon ride #1 Explore and more On this maiden voyage from our Rio Terme hotel with one left turn, Italy presented a gorgeous winding roads with vineyards, fruit trees and blossoms in pink and white radiated by sunshine in 25 deg C! The Riolo Terme Grande Hotel had received our Terrabici bikes ahead of our arrival. [...]

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  2 Canadian cycling coaches follow their passion for cycling and head to Italy   In sport, establishing goals will shape your daily training sessions and your competitive career focus.    In life, creating a bucket list of amazing experiences to do before you die, provides life enrichment. Coach Lucy and Jenny shared “cycling in [...]

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Stopping to smell the flowers along the way in Amsterdam

Next stop, Bologna for a short ride and a long nap to prep for our bucket list adventure #ERcycling #inemiliaromagna #terrabici

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Jenny and Lucy’s bucket list cycling adventure

Bucket list 2019: Cycle in Italy Follow us as we as we leave our Canadian winter behind next week and head for the hills. The Dolomites that is. We are excited to share this Reactivated adventure and explore Italy on two wheels. Our new friends at Emilia Romagna Cycling and Terrabici Bike Hotels will be guiding us [...]

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2019 Intentions

With every training session, set your intention for the workout.   This reinforces purpose and helps you to reconnect with yourself.    Training is a balance between the physical output and mental focus.    Connecting the two can greatly enhance your workout, edge you closer to your goal with balance.    L

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Why we love what we do #impact


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For 2017 cycling, REACTIVATED training systems is sponsoring Bikezone Cycling Team.   Coach Jenny Brown has been impressed by the team and title sponsor Bikezone Barrie bike shop.   Reactivated coaches and leaders will bring training expertise, to the race team and will support a "Kids on Bikes" day.

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Reactivated 2017 Warriors Wanted

We are looking for reactivated warriors! If you possess the following qualities: Determination Coach-ability Growth mindset Sports performance or wellness related goals Resilience Please contact us!  We would be thrilled to do a functional assessment and give you a purposeful training program. Let's solve your missing link 2017.

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