Creating a vibrant community

Dealing with a diagnosis with courage and conviction As I listened to Donna speak about her volunteering at her home in an apartment building for seniors, I realized, this is more than a social coordinator role. More than returning pop cans for a fundraiser to buy stuff. Donna has expanded the her role to fulfil [...]

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1 year of 100% online training

Exploring my happy place

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The coach gets coached!

Braving 2020 with a survival kit When you deeply respect someone and they offer to mentor you, your reaction needs to be fitting!    I was thrilled.  This proposal came from Rosemary Goodwin. Rosemary is passionate advocate for active living. In the tennis world, she was on the oNOTL Tennis club board from 2008-2012, and [...]

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A need for joy

Think about your friendships currently. Think about your training buddies. Are they in your safety bubble? Who and what brings you joy, laughter and maybe silliness in 2020? For me, it is mountain biking with the J-Squad comprising of Joel, Joe and myself, Jenny. Sounds sill huh? We have been riding together for a long [...]

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A healthier and stronger me

My story.... began the fall before I retired. I was not feeling well, ‘yet again’ and having been to the doctor, he ran some tests and the results of some were not positive. Forget the fact that I was 40+ pounds overweight; more serious to me were the results of some of my tests: high blood pressureblood [...]

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Modify like a champion

Keeping my chin up in challenging times.

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Reactivated Retirement

A REACTIVATED LIFESTYLE WITH THE SUPORT OF A GOLD MEDAL SERVICE PROVIDER I completed a 37 year career as a Community Recreation Coordinator with the City of Toronto Parks Forestry and Recreation Department overseeing a wide range of recreation and leisure programs offered to the general public at community centres, schools, parks, arenas, etc. My career has had a [...]

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Reaching The Pinnacle of success: How cycling won over my life

Many Olympic medalists have a downward spiral in their lives after leaving the sport, or they stay in the sport to escape their demons. For me, keeping a strong sense of purpose with passion for sport has kept me grounded and content.   I set high standards in sports performance which became a thrilling quest.  [...]

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Managing strength and focus in COVID-19/2020

Remote coaching! Your pledge of wellness needs to be stronger than ever and we are here to help you. NEW! Your remote training can be offered via phone, FaceTime, or Zoom meeting. Coaching will be discounted during COVID-19. Training peaks athletes will receive Biweekly coaching support included in the monthly shedule. The benefits of a [...]

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Impact Magazine selects our very own, Jenny Brown for Canada’s Top Fitness trainers

Reactivated founder Jenny Brown, is honoured to be nominated by clients and athletes of Reactivated and chosen by Impact Magazine as one of Canada's Top Fitness trainers. "It is my mission to make a positive impact on people's lives with fitness and sports training," says Brown. "I enjoy sharing the formula of purposeful training to [...]

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