“First race in 24 years it was an awesome experience. It was a extremely cognitively taxing accomplishment as with a head injury I process information slower than the average person. On that note there were some sections that I had to slow down a little bit because it was too taxing on a cognitive level but used my strength in the other areas too more then makeup for the deficit. I gave it my all and was more than happy with the results. I I would like to thank Jenny Brown from Reactivated Training for all the work that she has done with me in my quest to keep me as healthy and strong as possible as without this major component I would be bedridden instead of doing as much in life as my body will let me. Without the strength and constant adjustments and my body positions my pain Factor would be too much for me and cognitively I would be totally shut down. Because I fight to keep myself as healthy physically and mentally as possible I was able to do something that once I thought we would never happen again happened, racing was a big part of my life when I was a kid and it was amazing that I was given the opportunity with a lot of help to be able to do it again. Thanks again too Jenny Brown, and my family for helping me through some tough times too make my race happen. “Joe Cunningham