Remote coaching! Your pledge of wellness needs to be stronger than ever and we are here to help you.

NEW! Your remote training can be offered via phone, FaceTime, or Zoom meeting. Coaching will be discounted during COVID-19. Training peaks athletes will receive Biweekly coaching support included in the monthly shedule.

The benefits of a face to face interaction include:

  • physical “check-in” of wellness
  • training form spotting
  • adjustment of program to keep you challenge and/or motivated
  • fun challenges, broken down to achieve micro goals
  • positive energy and focus to manage and reduce stress

This remote meeting can review your training goals, nutrition and sleep habits. It will help strengthen your purpose for training. This will have a direct effect on your motivation and overall ability to stay focused in uncertain times.

Let’s approach your training in a ‘step by step’ method.

For each meeting please prepare:

  1. A list of questions that you have for your Coach
  2. If needing exercise form asssistance, please be ready with your clothing and equipment
  3. Arrange E-transfer for payment of session or sessions

Please go to the “ fees” section of this website to see the offer of support.