I completed a 37 year career as a Community Recreation Coordinator with the City of Toronto Parks Forestry and Recreation Department overseeing a wide range of recreation and leisure programs offered to the general public at community centres, schools, parks, arenas, etc. My career has had a profound impact on my attitude towards my personal health especially as I was transitioning into retirement.I needed relief from the mental and physically exhausting work schedule especially during the last three years whereby I was part of a staff team preparing to open up a band new community centre and day care.

My personal health goal entering into retirement was to become more physically active  and improve my overall fitness level with my new found free time.
Three months into retirement and having throughly enjoyed my first summer off from work in nearly 40 years, I contacted REACTIVATED! training system and scheduled an assessment of my goals and objectives for improving my physical fitness. The owner, Jenny Brown devised a workout plan which we have revised together multiple times over the last 16 months. The knowledge of the human anatomy, design of exercises to help me achieve my fitness goals, coaching strategies to keep me on track and motivated are brilliant. The approach to REACTIVATING one’s mental and fitness health achieves gold medal results IF you keep disciplined with your fitness plan. Based on my career background and having worked with and supervised directly, several hundred leisure and fitness instructors over the years, Jenny is clearly in a league of her own and is a leader in the fitness industry.

Since I have been working with Jenny and Coach Joe, my overall energy level, flexibility, strength and endurance has improved dramatically. I have lost 25 pounds, built new muscle, toned and now completing designed exercises that I never thought I could fathom embarking on. Exercises that I first started with several months ago and found very challenging to complete, I now find significantly easier and with much less stiffness and pain. In my custom strength training program, I am lifting heavier weights with increased repetitions multiple sessions per week. My High Intensity Interval Cardio Workout Plan has produced stunning results. More energy, improved breathing and the elimination of my snoring are just a few of the benefits realized through this part of my fitness program.


I also enjoy 2-3 hour walks with my wife and have deigned different routes in and around beautiful NOTL. Since retiring to NOTL and becoming Reactivated, we are cycling and enjoying recreational rides of up to 40KM using a combination of the trail systems and concession roads alongside the vineyards- absolutely amazing!! Parts of my golf game have also changed dramatically for the better since I have improved my fitness training. I am hitting my tee off shots with power I have never had before. A long ball hitter now, the rest of my game….well still a work in progress.

Reactivated has had a profound positive impact on my new lifestyle as a retiree. Many of our new friends we have met since retiring to NOTL have a connection to the fitness lifestyle either at home or away.

Mark Mckay