I have an inherent strength which I am relying on right now:

Maintaining a positive focus in the face of adversity. My life experiences have encouraged me to grow and seek new approaches. My coaching specialty is to “modify like a champion” and embrace your system that may look different than others, but with dedication, you will win.

2020 has provided this opportunity to shift approach and modify like a champion. As a business owner over 20 years this is scary but, I am fueled to use my expertise to identify a new method as there will ALWAYS be a need for coaching.

Here’s what I have found that people currently need:

  • A REDIRECT of goals when gym’s are closed, social gatherings are a risk, depression is setting in, loss of events/races/programs and worst case scenario, there is sickness or loss of a loved one.

Here’s what it currently looks like for Remote Reactivated:

1. Remote Wellness and fitness training sessions

Connection, encouragement and step by step progression to accomplish your health and sport goals. Zoom, Google meet or FaceTime options available at a reduced cost until September. Learn effective training that is unique and utilizes any equipment that you have to work toward your goals.

2. Sport or Industrial Athlete training programs

When competitive life has been postponed, it is relieving to have micro goals to work towards the goal of performance. Streamlined, effective training is a invaluable for self esteem, physical preparation given the challenging times via Training Peaks training schedule. In addition to online training, we offer an increased a Biweekly meeting to help keep the focus on track.

3. Remote Assessment

Discover when you CAN do to improve your situation. The specialty of REACTIVATED is “finding your missing link” to address biomechanics, posture, technique issues that is holding your wellness or sport performance. If you are injured, we can provide injury management and will work with your medical professional advice, to help get you back in action.


  • A designated space and time in your house that can be devoted to a great exchange/interview to discover your needs.
  • Sending video of you during your sport, or the injury issues ahead of the remote meeting
  • Be prepared with questions, feedback and honest dialogue
  • Be coachable
  • Be prepared in comfortable workout clothing, shoes
  • Send payment ahead of remote session

What not to expect:

  • Random fitness without prescription or purpose
  • Boot camp workout
  • Guilt tripping or judgment
  • Rigid coaching

Modify like a champion