My story….

began the fall before I retired. I was not feeling well, ‘yet again’ and having been to the doctor, he ran some tests and the results of some were not positive. Forget the fact that I was 40+ pounds overweight; more serious to me were the results of some of my tests:

  • high blood pressure
  • blood sugar levels out of whack
  • high anxiety resulting in random heart palpitations
  • low risk depression.

Based on the results, my doctor wanted to put me on medication which didn’t sit well with me. I asked if he would give me 6 months and if the results were still the same, then I would agree to taking medication; especially for the high blood pressure? His immediate response was, “what will be different in 6 months?” I was quick to answer, I was retiring in 3 more months and would work on my health. Reluctantly he agreed, and we set a follow up appointment for 6 months out.

When I retired, I gave myself the gift of a personal trainer at a health club where I had been a twenty year + member, to give myself the best gift I could give ‘ME’ … to become a “healthier and stronger me ”. During my orientation with the trainer, I was asked, “What are your goals?” -you know the drill. I said, “I wanted to be a stronger, healthier me” to which he replied, “what about your weight, you didn’t mention anything about losing weight?” My response was quick and defensive … “I think if I concentrate on becoming a ‘Healthier and Stronger me’ the weight will come, don’t you think?” We agreed to disagree.

Within 6 shorts months I had lost weight and continued to do so. This was good because upon return to the doctor, although not perfect the results of my tests had improved … .still with reluctance on the Doctor’s, we agreed on no medication and to do another follow up in 6 months.

The first year was fine and I met some of my goals, of which weight loss continued to be one of them but that is where the accomplishments stopped. Don’t get me wrong, I was happy to have lost the weight, but that was not my initial goal. I did not feel strong in my body (could not do 5 sit ups) and certainly was not cardio fit in anyway. Upon moving to NOTL I continued with the health club membership but also  joined the NOTL Community Centre to exercise; best deal in town. This is when things changed for me … from a distance, I met Jenny Brown of Reactivated; about two and a half years ago. Within my budget I worked with Coaches Jenny and Joe and joined Reactivated Fit Fridays (group sessions with like-minded people … what a blast, I encourage you to try it). Last year for my birthday, my husband asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I said, to train with Reactivated in whatever capacity that is within our budget.

So why was Reactivated training so different? It started with a full assessment, including injuries past and present. When asked, what are your goals? Nothing had not changed: to become a ‘Healthier and Stronger ME’! Jenny’s face lit up and said, that is amazing and I know together we can make that happen … together; this word was my game changer. She gave me real life testimonials of people just like me who also had obstacles to overcome but yet who had and were accomplishing health and wellness goals. For Jenny & Joe, it was setting the stage for me to see this was possible … so WE were off on our journey ‘together’; I had partners. Even when I was not working with Jenny & Joe directly, I would still see them at the gym and their continued support kept me focused and committed… I felt like I was a part of a TEAM and had partners who were working with me, towards my goals, not what they thought my goals should be.

Soooooo, in summary, why was Reactivated training different?

  • Jenny’s knowledge base is more than a piece of paper. She loves what she does and is a wealth of knowledge
  • Real life testimonials……her own and others experiences to learn from and used to motivate and encourage others
  • Listens and continues to listen
  • Team approach- I have partners with Jenny and Joe who give their all
  • Set a realistic journey towards my goal; not what they should be my goals

Jenny & Joe are always looking for new and interesting ways to inspire people to be fit, hence the Fit Friday Sessions were introduced. At first, I was quite reluctant because I did not feel I was fit enough and would not be able to keep up with the rest of the class. Joe took me under his wing and with Jenny’s coaching to “modify like a champion”, they encouraged me to accomplish the tasks at hand. By the end of the first session of 6 classes, I was eager to sign up again. I was doing things I never thought I could do … battle ropes (I see them on TV and they look soooooo very cool) and the good old tractor tire flips with Joe encouraging me … “you’ve got this Jane Crusher”. I was having fun with like minded people and doing things I never thought I could do and now I can because I have become stronger.

Almost a year later, the world was hit with Covid-19. Well, this for me stopped everything and I allowed myself to succumb to all the TV news and doing nothing, and I mean nothing … if I were honest, I was starting to become a little depressed and was not sleeping. I knew I had to start exercising, so started getting out for walks … this was not enough for me and I knew it.

Jenny had reached out to me a couple of times and I was not into doing exercise remotely via any media form, so I continued with walking, but deep down I knew what I had to do … reach out to Jenny. Jenny coached me on how to get on Zoom and restart the program; trust me when I say she is watching and can tell you how best to do the various exercises; LOL!!! Within two short months, Jenny got me all set up and showed me how we could “Modify like a Champion” as Jenny says to reach goals and get results. Jenny got me meeting some of my other goals, which to now I had talked a lot about, but really did nothing about. I am so proud to say, I am cycling and have been able to conquer one of my goals for over a year, reaching the top of the niagara escarpment to the Brock Monument!

Together with my strength training, I now cycle three times a week … and not only feel strong in my body, but for the first time in a very long time, I feel cardio fit which I know is the foundation to being able to accomplish new elements within my fitness program … dragon flag (a real killer core move and now I love it). I miss Fit Fridays, but maybe we can be back to our group sessions soon.

I feel fabulous and am so proud of my achievements! I can truly say, I have become a healthier and stronger me! I have never felt better about myself.

Jane Catcher